LifeCell Corporation Introduces New Fat Grafting Device for Plastic Surgery

Mon, 10/07/2013 - 8:00am
The Associated Press

LifeCell, a leader in the science of regenerative medicine and tissue repair products, has introduced the REVOLVE™ System to offer fast, efficient and secure fat transfer processing in a range of aesthetic and reconstructive procedures. Fat grafting involves harvesting and transferring adipose tissue or body fat from one area of the body to another. The technique is gaining in popularity with surgeons because it uses the patient’s own tissue to enhance volume.

The REVOLVE™ System is designed to yield rapid, reliable results in high-volume procedures through the use of a simple, closed system that controls critical variables in fat grafting. The single-use device can be placed in the sterile field to facilitate more efficient processing, filtering, and transferring of a patient’s own (autologous) fat tissue. It enables high-volume fat processing (up to 800ml lipoaspirate) in less than 15 minutes, offering the potential to reduce OR procedure time.

“The use of fat grafting for breast reconstruction can help patients achieve more natural-looking breasts following lumpectomy or mastectomy,” said Dr. Allen Gabriel, MD, FACS, with Peace Health Medical Group Plastic Surgery, Vancouver, WA. “We have found the REVOLVE™ System enables us to process large volumes of fat in an efficient manner and obtain a high quality graft for use in reconstructive procedures.” REVOLVE™ uses a specially designed mesh to filter blood debris and fluid and yield high quality, clean adipose fat. A proprietary “collagen string catcher” enhances procedural speed and efficiency by helping to prevent syringe tips from clogging during fat re-implantation.

An animal study* comparing the REVOLVE™ System to fat processing done through the decant method and centrifugation showed equal or greater fat retention for REVOLVE™. The device also removed more free oil and red blood cells from the fat graft than either the decant method or centrifugation. In the same study, the fat processed with REVOLVE™ demonstrated an ability to maintain physiological conditions such as pH and osmolality.

*Correlation of these results to results in humans has not been established.

The REVOLVE™ System was developed by The GID Group, Inc., a consortium of world-leading plastic surgeons and adipose tissue scientists that use a deep science-based approach to create reliable, cost-effective tissue processing platforms. The device is marketed and sold by LifeCell Corporation.


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