Photos of the Day: Patient Monitoring via Google Glass

Thu, 10/03/2013 - 2:18pm

Royal Philips and Accenture today announced the creation of a proof-of-concept demonstration that uses a Google Glass head-mounted display for researching ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of performing surgical procedures. The demonstration connects Google Glass to Philips IntelliVue Solutions and proves the concept of seamless transfer of patient vital signs into Google Glass, potentially providing physicians with hands-free access to critical clinical information.

The technology enables a patient's data to be reviewed while the surgeon is on the way to the OR.

During a procedure, the surgeon does not have to look away at a monitor to view patient data. The data is presented conveniently while still offering a full field of view of the patient.

Following a surgery, Google Glass enables the doctor to record notes for patient records, leaving hands free to perform any necessary tasks during post-op.

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