VuCOMP M-Vu® Computer-Aided Detection System for Mammography Installed at Mammography Specialists Medical Group in Los Gatos, California

Wed, 10/02/2013 - 11:44am
Business Wire

VuCOMP, Inc. announced today that it has installed its advanced computer-aided detection system, M-Vu CAD, at Mammography Specialists Medical Group (MSMG) in Los Gatos, California. VuCOMP’s CAD system is designed to provide an unprecedented level of performance to help radiologists find breast cancer earlier. Using the most advanced tools in the field, the radiologists at MSMG can catch breast cancers at earlier stages in order to achieve the best patient outcomes.

VuCOMP’s CAD system analyzes mammographic images and marks areas of suspicion using sophisticated mathematical algorithms.

“VuCOMP is on the forefront of CAD technology,” said Ralph Smathers, MD, President and founder of MSMG. “They have advanced CAD beyond what other vendors have been able to develop. I want CAD to guide me to the spots that I would normally find more suspicious, and VuCOMP does that very well.” Since its inception in 1992, MSMG has sought to adopt the highest quality imaging technology to serve its patients. With the M-Vu CAD installation, the Los Gatos clinic continues this tradition.

M-Vu CAD received FDA approval for digital mammography in October 2012. While mammography CAD systems have been FDA-approved since 1998, recent FDA guidelines have significantly raised the bar for demonstrating CAD effectiveness, and now recommend comprehensive reader studies proving that radiologists are more effective when they use CAD. The VuCOMP system is the first mammography CAD product in the world to achieve FDA approval under these clinical study guidelines.

Jeff Wehnes, President and CEO of VuCOMP, said, “Dr. Smathers and his colleagues at MSMG have a track record of using the most advanced technology possible to serve their patients. We are very pleased that our CAD system will help them continue to improve that work.”


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