Covalon To Showcase New Wound Healing and Infection Management Products at MEDICA

Tue, 11/19/2013 - 8:02am
The Associated Press

Covalon Technologies Ltd., an advanced medical technologies company, will showcase new products at MEDICA the world's largest medical technology trade fair, November 20 to 23in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Brian Pedlar, Covalon's Chief Executive Officer said, "Since we announced the transformative license agreement with Molnlycke earlier this month, the amount of interest in our new product pipeline has spiked significantly.  As a result, we have accelerated the unveiling of our FDA-cleared ColActive@ Transfer wound dressing and our CovaCoatT A.I. Anti Infective coatings.  Along with our proven ColActive@ Plus wound dressings and SilverCoatT Antimicrobial Foley Catheters, our strong pipeline of new products and technologies, which includes ColActive@ Transfer and CovaCoatT A.I., positions Covalon well as a partner for wound care, urological, vascular access, surgical and orthopaedic companies and distributors." The latest addition to the patented ColActiveT family of wound care products being showcased at MEDICA is ColActive@ Transfer, Covalon's bio-degradable wound dressing that stimulates wound healing responses in difficult to heal wounds, while allowing wound fluids to pass through the dressing.  ColActive@ Transfer is designed to protect new-growth tissue in wounds undergoing treatment and is FDA approved for sale in the United States.  Along with the introduction of ColActive@ Transfer, Covalon anticipates entering the nearly US$500 million negative pressure dressing and kit market.

Covalon will also be unveiling its new patented CovaCoatT A.I. Anti Infective coating technology that provides antimicrobial and anti-thrombogenic properties, without eluting antimicrobial agents from the surface of medical devices. Covalon's CovaCoatT A.I. Anti Infective Foley Catheter significantly reduces biofilm formation on urinary catheters, the formation of which is a major source of hospital acquired infections.  The use of CovaCoatT A.I. on vascular access devices provides both anti-thrombogenic and antimicrobial characteristics without the downside of delivering potentially cytotoxic antimicrobial agents directly into the bloodstream.


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