GENEWIZ, Inc. and ACCB Announce Collaboration for the Application of Next Generation Sequencing in Clinical Molecular Diagnostic Testing

Wed, 11/20/2013 - 7:03am
The Associated Press

GENEWIZ, Inc., leading global genomics service provider, and Beijing ACCB Biotech Ltd. (ACCB) announced a collaboration for the application of next generation sequencing tests toward the advancement of clinical molecular diagnostics. The companies will partner to develop, validate, and commercialize genetic tests that deliver clinically relevant, medically actionable results.

Based in Beijing, China, ACCB focuses on the development of novel molecular cancer detection and diagnostic technologies. ACCB's CFDA-approved products and development pipeline includes two patented technology platforms for non-invasive cancer screening and personalized cancer evaluation, EnzymAct® and BiomarkXP®, respectively. ACCB also owns an independent clinical laboratory.

Forming a strategic partnership to promote the use of next generation technologies for molecular diagnostics, GENEWIZ intends to develop and validate a series of diagnostically valuable genetic testing techniques. With molecular diagnostic reagent development and production capabilities, ACCB will qualify, register, and produce the resulting diagnostic kits.

"Through this collaboration, we have the opportunity to accelerate the delivery of GENEWIZ's existing rich pipeline of next generation clinical tests for genetic diseases, risk assessment, and pharmacogenomics, such as OncoGxOne™ and PGxOne™, as well as for non-invasive cancer detection," asserted Dr. Guanghui Hu, GENEWIZ Vice President of Translational Genomics.

"By combining GENEWIZ's innovative molecular tests, such as their OncoGxOne™ cancer panels, with our capacity and expertise in product registration and commercialization, we can push clinical tests into market quickly," commented Junpu Xu, ACCB Chief Executive Officer. "This will enable us to provide patients with more comprehensive, cost-effective clinical solutions."

Hu continued, "GENEWIZ and ACCB are coming together with the goal of advancing companion diagnostics for improved detection, prognosis, therapeutics, and monitoring in personalized medical treatment, and ultimately, improved quality of life for patients."



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