Thermometric Monitoring Technology for Non-Touch Thermometers

Fri, 11/01/2013 - 11:46am

ARC, a medical device company headquartered in Belfast, Northern Ireland, is driving technology in the thermometric market forward beginning with the launch of four new highly accurate, state of the art non touch thermometers. Future research and development projects are underway to design non touch devices that will be capable of monitoring vital signs in a medical setting (pulse, heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure and blood saturation).

The company is supported by Invest Northern Ireland and backed by independent investors from the US, UK, Canada, Ireland and The Netherlands. The decision to headquarter in Northern Ireland was made because of the available expertise in advanced technological research and development.

Through the recent acquisition of the Florida based manufacturer Brooklands Inc., ARC now owns VeraTemp, a non-touch thermometer sold in over 22 countries, and VeraTemp+ an advanced version which has been widely adopted within hospital and clinical settings throughout the US and UK. ARC partners with world-class sensor manufacturers, medical device engineering experts from the University of Ulster, and clinical researchers from Queens University, Belfast. Focusing on the basis of non touch thermometer technology these partnerships give ARC the ability to develop unique non touch vital signs monitoring products for the future of connected health care.

“Working with our R&D partners we have already been able to transform the non-touch thermometer technology. We are in the process of finalizing a suite of products, for consumer and clinical use that our findings show to be twice as accurate at taking body temperature readings.” explains Kevin Paul CEO of ARC.

As the company starts to introduce unique new products to the market they are looking for likeminded distributors who can sell them globally. “We want to work with distributors that already have a significant footprint in a country’s medical device market and are able to provide robust sales and marketing support; especially as our R&D plans include developing wireless non touch technology to monitor and be shared across connected health networks and clinical EMRs.”


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