Photos of the Day: Tongue-Driven Wheelchair

Mon, 12/02/2013 - 10:41am
Georgia Tech

Maysam Ghovanloo stands behind Jason DiSanto, who has been an advocate of the Tongue Drive System. (Credit: Maysam Ghovanloo)

Jason DiSanto receives a tongue piercing so he can test the Tongue Drive System. (Credit: Shepherd Center)

The Tongue Drive System not only controls wheelchairs, but also allows users to access computers and smartphones. (Credit: Shepherd Center)

Jason DiSanto navigates an obstacle course in an electric-powered wheelchair by issuing commands with a magnetic tongue piercing. The 50-meter-long course, at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Ga., included 13 turns and 24 obstacles, requiring tongue drive users to make U-turns, move in reverse and negotiate a loop. Joy Bruce stands to DiSanto's immediate right. (Credit: Gary Meek)

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