Erase the Ink MD Removes Resistant Tattoos with the Astanza Eternity Laser

Thu, 01/16/2014 - 7:15pm
PR Newswire

Erase the Ink MD, Metro Detroit's only physician-run laser tattoo removal clinic, adds the Astanza Eternity laser to effectively eliminate rare and difficult-to-remove ink colors. Dr. Michael Margolis and Dr. David Schwartzenfeld of Erase the Ink MD recognized a need for more advanced laser technology when certain ink colors became stubborn in the removal process.

Seeking a solution for removing challenging ink colors, Dr. Margolis and Dr. Schwartzenfeld found that the Astanza Eternity laser provided the results patients wanted. "Erase the Ink MD was beginning to see a need for a technology that could effectively treat all ink colors," said Dr. Margolis. "Adding the Eternity laser has allowed us to remove tattoos that have already had 10, 15, 20 plus treatments with ease. It does not matter the ink color – we now have a removal solution for all of Detroit's unwanted tattoos."

The Astanza Eternity laser is a Q-switched ruby laser – designed for targeting and treating vibrant ink colors such as lime green, bright blue, and resistant black. The Eternity features a full 1.2 Joules of energy in a single pulse, far exceeding that of industry standards. This combination of treatment versatility and power allows the Erase the Ink MD team to remove any unwanted tattoo with personalized, professional, and effective treatments.

Laser tattoo removal uses quick, intense pulses of energy, delivered in varying wavelengths, into the skin, shattering the unwanted tattoo ink. The ink is burst into fragments and progressively flushed away by the immune system. The Eternity is unique in that it can specifically target the difficult and stubborn ink colors that traditional lasers can merely fade.

"The elite medical knowledge and care shown by Dr. Margolis and Dr. Schwartzenfeld translates directly into the advanced laser tattoo removal procedures at Erase the Ink MD," said President of Astanza, Ryan N. Lambert. "Adding the Astanza Eternity laser shows their dedication to patients' needs – offering them the opportunity to have even the most resistant tattoo removed. With the Eternity laser technology, no ink color is permanent."


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