Photos of the Day: Bird's Eye View...of Surgery

Mon, 01/06/2014 - 3:25pm

Some forward thinkers in various medical companies around the world have recognized the Polecam’s potential for looking over the shoulders of surgeons in the operating theater to give an unrestricted high definition, or even 3D view of the procedure without being in sight of, or in many cases, even in the consciousness of the surgeons, who often remark that they forgot it was there.

The Polecam can be configured to work with the latest small profile HD minicams and HD mini zoom lenses. It has a highly responsive, remote pan and tilt head, which is controlled by the operator at the back end of the rig, outside the main operating area, and able to react very quickly to move the camera view to accommodate any movement by the surgical team.

So far Polecam has been used quite regularly by some of the large orthopedic companies who set up training events for surgeons and also for the sales teams, to demonstrate procedures using their prosthetics and the specialist tools and instruments used to fit them.

In Europe, Polecam has been used for training productions including orthopedics, tracheostomy and dental procedures training.

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