Photos of the Day: A Monitoring Baby Onesie

Fri, 02/28/2014 - 10:45am
Rest Devices

Rest Devices' Mimo kimono (shown here) has sensors embedded on the two green fabric stripes, resembling a vine with leaves that track respiration. Attached at the end of the “vines” is a mount for a plastic module, resembling a turtle, that captures the respiration data, as well as sleeping position, activity level, and body temperature. (Credit: Rest Devices)

With Mimo, Rest Devices is positioned as an early innovator, along with a few other companies, in a fledgling landscape of smart baby monitors — what Madden has called “Nursery 2.0.”

Through a low-energy Bluetooth connection, the “turtle” relays the data in real time to a Web and mobile app via a wireless transmitter resembling a lily pad, which is also the charging station for the turtle and includes a microphone for relaying audio.

Through the app, parents may tailor alerts for changes — such as in sleep position and temperature — and analyze their baby’s sleeping patterns over time.

And to see the lighter side of the company, check out their fun videos!

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