Photos of the Day: Glasses Give Vision Impaired a Close-Up View

Thu, 06/19/2014 - 2:30pm
University of Oxford

The smart glasses consist of a video camera mounted on the frame of the glasses; a computer processing unit that is small enough to fit in a pocket; and software that provides images of objects close-by to the see-through displays in the eyepieces of the glasses. The transparent electronic displays, where the glasses' lenses would be, give a simple image of nearby people and obstacles. The camera with specially designed software interprets the nearby surroundings allowing people to see important things much more distinctly than before, such as curbs, tables and chairs, or groups of people.

The ‘smart’ glasses provide simple images of nearby people and objects to help those who are registered blind get around.

The glasses add a simple image of who or what is around on top of the wearer’s existing vision.

Dr. Stephen Hicks experiments to see what the glasses can pick out in Oxford’s Covered Market.

Lyn Oliver and guide dog Jess tested out the glasses in Oxford's Covered Market.

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