RTI Surgical Unveils PACK Precision Allograft Cartilage Instrument Kit

Thu, 07/10/2014 - 8:58am
The Associated Press

RTI Surgical Inc. (RTI), a leading global surgical implant company, is unveiling the new Precision Allograft Cartilage Kit (PACK) at the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine (AOSSM) annual meeting in Seattle this week. PACK, the company’s new instrumentation set for osteochondral allograft resurfacing, is designed to improve precision and minimize trauma to the cartilage with its optimized and simplified surgical technique.

PACK’s enhanced design provides a more uniform cartilage contact surface and aids in achieving a more precise fit of the allograft into the recipient’s socket. The newly-designed cutters provide a clean recipient socket and allograft plug, creating a line-to-line fit that results in a consistent tight press fit, minimizing the need for additional fixation. In addition, the kit’s innovative coring station articulates to several different angles, accommodating surgeon preference when coring the plug from the allograft – a feature not seen with any other cartilage instrumentation set.

“We are very excited to preview the new PACK during the AOSSM meeting,” said Brian K. Hutchison, president and chief executive officer of RTI Surgical. “The simplified technique offered by this new instrumentation will allow surgeons to approach cartilage restoration with more precision and focus on the end result of improving patient outcomes.” PACK Precision Allograft Cartilage Kit will be previewed at the RTI Surgical exhibit at booth 300/302 during the AOSSM meeting with an anticipated market launch later this summer. To learn more about RTI Surgical and PACK, please visit RTI’s booth at AOSSM or contact your local RTI Surgical representative.


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