Battery Free RFID Tag with LED

January 6, 2014 12:56 pm | by MDT Staff | Farsens | Product Releases | Comments

The Stella from Farsens S.L., San Sebastián, Spain is a new battery free RFID tag equipped with a LED. Compatible with commercial EPC C1G2 compliant readers, when the reader is asking for a specific ID number, the Stella will flash its LED if it is within the reader read range.


All Programmable SoC/Analog Devices Software-Defined Radio Kits

December 13, 2013 4:31 pm | by MDT Staff | Product Releases | Comments

Avnet Electronics Marketing released two kits designed by Avnet experts, the Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC / AD9361 Software-Defined Radio Evaluation Kit and the Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC / AD9361 Software-Defined Radio Systems Development Kit.

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UHF Read/Write Head RFID

December 3, 2013 3:45 pm | by MDT Staff | Product Releases | Comments

TURCK has introduced the Q175 compact UHF read/write head, the latest addition to the company’s comprehensive RFID portfolio. Designed to communicate with multiple data carriers, the Q175 employs both HF (High Frequency) and UHF (Ultra High Frequency) RFID technologies.


Industry's Only Highly Integrated Octal Ultrasound Transceiver

December 2, 2013 11:01 am | by MDT Staff | Product Releases | Comments

Ultrasound designers can now reduce form factor and improve image quality and reliability with the MAX2082 octal ultrasound transceiver from Maxim Integrated Products.

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Dual-band Wi-Fi for Secure Mission-critical Wireless M2M

November 21, 2013 4:35 pm | by MDT Staff | Product Releases | Comments

B&B Electronics has launched its next generation Airborne M2M 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi platform to provide secure, dual-band (2.4 and 5 GHz) Wi-Fi connectivity to mission-critical and rugged M2M networks.


Classic Dual Modes Bluetooth Modules

November 20, 2013 3:10 pm | by MDT Staff | Product Releases | Comments

Radicom Research, a modem industry leader, announced today the release of their RB2001 family Bluetooth modules that support Bluetooth BLE V4.0 and Classic standards. The RB2001 series Bluetooth modules are based on CSR’s latest Host Controlled Interface (HCI) solution.

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Ultra-thin NFC Antenna for Mobile Devices

November 13, 2013 4:27 pm | by MDT Staff | Product Releases | Comments

Pulse Electronics introduced an ultra-thin near field communications (NFC) ferrite sheet antenna. The antenna is 28% thinner than the previous version and still meets the EMVCo specification of 40mm.

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Secure On-the-Go Medical Device Connectivity

October 2, 2013 7:18 pm | by MDT Staff | Product Releases | Comments

Qualcomm has announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Qualcomm Life is launching 2net Mobile, a 2net Platform gateway offering, at the Upling 2013 developer conference taking place in San Diego, California, on September 3-5, 2013.


Battery Free Sensor Kits

September 27, 2013 4:16 pm | by MDT Staff | Farsens | Product Releases | Comments

Farsens is offering basic and regular sample kits for parties interested in testing with their wireless battery free sensor products. Farsens has developed wireless sensor devices that can be used without the need of batteries on the sensors. These battery-free sensor tags are based on UHF RFID technology...


Sensor-enabled RFID Tags Extend Wireless Data-logging Beyond Identification

September 19, 2013 3:58 pm | by MDT Staff | Product Releases | Comments

ams has announced next-generation sensor-enabled RFID tags offering breakthroughs for medical, automotive safety and other applications where temperature, physiological or environmental data is required. The new devices, the SL13A and SL900A enable a simple, low-cost implementation of a new class of wireless data-logging applications.


Battery Free Switch Tag

July 10, 2013 5:02 pm | by MDT Staff | Product Releases | Comments

The X1GLADIO is a battery free RFID switch. These tags are compatible with commercial EPC C1G2 readers and communicate a unique ID and the associated switch status data without the need of battery supply on the sensor tags.

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Wireless Pulse Counting Data Logger

June 13, 2013 5:17 pm | by MDT Staff | Product Releases | Comments

TandD Corp. has introduced the NEW RTR-505P Wireless Pulse Counting Data Logger. This NEW model can record pulses from devices such as flow meters, anemometers or the opening and closing of switches from a variety of sensors. By using any of the RTR-500 Series Base Units, the recorded data can be collected via wireless communication.


AIR Module Family for Zigbee Standard and Boosterpack Kit

February 26, 2013 10:33 am | by MDT Staff | Product Releases | Comments

Anaren, Inc. announced today that it has introduced a family of four Anaren Integrated Radio modules designed specifically to help OEMs develop products that wirelessly communicate in compliance with the ZigBee standard.

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RF Modules for Implantable Medical Device Designers

January 22, 2013 10:23 am | Product Releases | Comments

Microsemi Corporation, a leading provider of semiconductor solutions differentiated by power, security, reliability and performance, today announced the availability of a complete medical network (med-net) radio link for implantable medical devices such as pacemakers, cardiac defibrillators and neurostimulators.

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Compact 125 kHz Proximity Card Reader

January 4, 2013 10:20 am | Product Releases | Comments

Southco’s® EA-P3 Proximity Card Reader provides secure, non-contact access control using existing proximity cards typically used for building access. Convenient and affordable, the EA-P3 reads 125 kHz HID prox cards or tags...

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