OEM Component Compressor

May 29, 2013 3:18 pm | by MDT Staff | GSE - OEM Compressors & Pumps | Product Releases | Comments

The GSE model ZW400 oil-less air compressor offers OEM Engineers a viable option for applications in the medical, dental, environmental, lab, food processing and industrial markets. With high flow output, the most demanding design specifications will be covered.

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State-of-the-Art Part Handling Solutions at MD&M East

May 23, 2013 4:43 pm | by MDT Staff | Product Releases | Comments

Virtual Industries has announced that it will display advanced systems for part handling in Booth #1935 at the Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) East exposition, scheduled to take place June 18-20, 2013 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.


Compact Valves with High Flow Rate and Power Density

May 21, 2013 12:48 pm | by MDT Staff | Product Releases | Comments

With the TwinPower technology the fluid technology specialist Burkert has developed a new actuator design for solenoid valves that increases the power density by using two coils. This innovative actuator technology, which allows a very compact design, is now available as a complete standard valve line in widths of 10mm and 16mm...

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New One Way Respiratory Valves

May 20, 2013 2:42 pm | by MDT Staff | Qosina | Product Releases | Comments

Qosina has announced the addition of two One Way Respiratory Valves to their line of respiratory kit components and circuit connectors. Made of polypropylene and medical grade silicone, the valves feature molded arrows to indicate the direction of flow.


New Competitively Priced Hemostasis Valves

May 17, 2013 2:06 pm | Qosina | Products

Qosina is pleased to announce the addition of three competitively priced 9 FR Hemostasis Valves (#80325, #80326, #80327) to their line of Guide Wire Kit Accessories. All three feature a clear polycarbonate body that allows for fluid visualization, and a silicone valve that creates a seal to prevent backflow. Equipped with frosted webbing to enable easier air bubble identification, the valves have a rotating male luer to minimize tubing kinks, and a female luer sideport for flushing or checking pressure. Hemostasis Valve #80325 features a smaller cap with a low profile and #80326 has a larger cap for easy handling. Equipped with two hemostasis valves, #80327 features the larger caps and accepts multiple guide wires.

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Sterilizing Grade All-Metal Filtration Membrane

May 9, 2013 3:36 pm | by MDT Staff | Mott Corporation | Product Releases | Comments

Mott has announced the development of their ground breaking, all-metal sterilizing grade membrane for medical filtration applications. The membrane is produced using nano-materials and a proprietary manufacturing process developed by Mott engineers.


Right Angle Flow Controls - Series II & Series III

May 9, 2013 2:53 pm | American Cylinder Co., Inc. | Products

Designed to fit directly onto American Air Cylinders. SERIES II - Quick Connect-Disconnect Flow Controls: Features include 360 degree rotation, nickel plated construction, Buna-N seals and the option of a manual knob or screw adjustment. SERIES III - Threaded Fitting Connect Flow Controls: All the advantages of Series II except ports are offered in sizes 10-32 UNF, 1/8", 1/4" and 3/8" NPT.

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May 9, 2013 10:15 am | Pneuline Supply | Products

Miniature plastic check valves and filters for tubing sizes 1/8 to 3/8. These check valves are made from polycarbonate material with USP class VI silicone disk. Filters of polycarbonate with 10 to 200 micron screens.

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Diluting and Proportional Fluid Control with ±1% Precision

May 1, 2013 1:01 pm | by MDT Staff | Product Releases | Comments

The STH and STQ Duplex metering pumps from Fluid Metering are ideal for precision mixing, diluting, and proportional metering for OEM medical, analytical, and industrial instrumentation. FMI’s OEM Duplex Metering Pumps consist of two FMI valveless pump heads direct coupled to a single variable stepper motor drive.


Brushless DC Pump

April 23, 2013 2:58 pm | by MDT Staff | Product Releases | Comments

Thomas Division has introduced the 260 Series brushless DC WOB-L air compressor and vacuum pump, designed for medical applications requiring a small-size and lightweight pump with variable output.

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65GP Series Couplings

April 23, 2013 2:05 pm | LinkTech Couplings | Products

65GP Series: These couplings offer 1/2" flow capacity and are manufactured from a high performance glass filled polypropylene. They have full flow, non-valved, smooth internal bore that allows for maximum flow with minimal turbulence. These couplings are extremely durable and are well suited for applications that require chemical resistance. 65GP Series couplings interconnect with and are compatible with many other plastic latch type couplings. View these products in a 3D PDF or detailed CAD.

LISTED UNDER: Connectors | Couplings | Polypropylenes

50GP Series Couplings

April 23, 2013 2:04 pm | LinkTech Couplings | Products

50GP Series: These couplings are manufactured from a high performance glass filled polypropylene. With excellent chemical resistance properties, these couplings are well suited for applications in acid and chemical transfer. View these products in a 3D PDF or detailed CAD.

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50BAC Breakaway Series Couplings

April 23, 2013 2:03 pm | LinkTech Couplings | Products

50BAC Couplings feature LinkTech's new patented breakaway technology. They improve safety by allowing users to make a fast and leak free disconnect with a simple pull of the coupling. The 50BAC couplings utilize a new patented design that facilitates two methods of disconnects, they will safely disconnect when pulled or the user can simply depress the thumb-latch. See which new high tech device features our patented couplings on our blog:

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50AC Series Couplings

April 23, 2013 2:00 pm | LinkTech Couplings | Products

50AC Series: These 1/4 flow size couplings are produced in a durable natural Acetal (POM) thermal plastic. They feature a more cost efficient plastic thumb-latch deign. They are available in both valved and non-valved configurations. View these products in a 3D PDF or detailed CAD.

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40CB Series Couplings

April 23, 2013 1:53 pm | LinkTech Couplings | Products

40CB Series: Produced in food grade chrome plated brass, these 1/4" flow size couplings are more durable and withstand higher pressures. They are available with internal shut-off valves or straight through. View these products in a 3D PDF or detailed CAD.

LISTED UNDER: Connectors | Couplings | Medical Device Testing


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