Pressure Measurement

May 3, 2005 8:15 am | Sensor Products Inc | Product Releases | Comments

Employing user-friendly software, the Tactilus foot platform and insole sensor systems generate in-depth statistical information and dynamic 2-D and 3-D profile images for medical and ergonomic body mapping needs.

LISTED UNDER: Measurement Instruments


May 3, 2005 8:15 am | Selco Products Company | Product Releases | Comments

This diode type (DT) thermistor series is a highly reliable thermal sensor suitable for use in a variety of high temperature applications. The thermistors offer a wide operating temperature range of -58&#176F to +482&#176F and feature a glass sealed body for high reliability and stability.

LISTED UNDER: Temperature Instruments

X-Ray Inspection (1949)

May 3, 2005 8:13 am | Feinfocus The Americas | Product Releases | Comments

The COUGAR-VXP (Versatile X-ray Platform) is designed for maximum operator flexibility in the inspection of complex medical devices.

LISTED UNDER: Optical Inspection

Counting/Weighing Scale

April 1, 2005 10:00 am | Alliance Scale, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

The Alliance/Ohaus Trooper Count Series Scale provides up to 300 memory locations that can store average piece weights, tare weights, part numbers, accumulations, and other data for up to 60 items.

LISTED UNDER: Measurement Instruments

Five-Axis Measurement System

April 1, 2005 6:14 am | Optical Gaging Products, Inc. (OGP) | Product Releases | Comments

The SmartScope Quest 650 enables programmable five-axis measuring. A motorized heavy-duty dual rotary indexer allows the Quest sensors to measure features anywhere on the most complex parts.

LISTED UNDER: Measurement Instruments

Flowmeter (1907)

April 1, 2005 6:14 am | Universal Flow Monitors, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

The CoolPoint vortex shedding flowmeter is for measuring and monitoring cooling flows in medical device manufacturing processes.

LISTED UNDER: Flow Meters | Injection Molding

Multisensor Measuring Machine

April 1, 2005 6:14 am | Product Releases | Comments

The MarVision MS662 multisensor measuring machine is designed to provide industry-leading precision measurements on larger precision parts, and on high volume components and assemblies that can be inspected in trays and pallet lots.

LISTED UNDER: Measurement Instruments

Camera (1909)

April 1, 2005 6:14 am | Sensors Unlimited - UTC Aerospace Systems | Product Releases | Comments

This extremely high-resolution area camera is designed for capturing images in the 900 nm to 1700 nm waveband range. The solid state SU640SDV-1.

LISTED UNDER: Camera | Camera

Coordinate Measuring Machine

February 1, 2005 9:21 am | Mitutoyo America Corporation | Product Releases | Comments

With a unified, one-piece configuration and minimal footprint, the Legex 322 CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine is designed for quick and easy setup and operation&#151offering new opportunities to integrate automated measurement and inspection into a process&#151even where space is at a premium.

LISTED UNDER: Measurement Instruments | CNC Machining

Surface/Contour Measuring

January 6, 2005 10:36 am | Carl Zeiss | Product Releases | Comments

The SURFCOM 1900SD/DX surface/contour measuring instrument features the latest “linear motor” technology for highly accurate measurements. It offers the highest level of measuring speed and the lowest vibration, which allows for consistent high magnification measurements.

LISTED UNDER: Measurement Instruments

Machine Vision System

January 5, 2005 9:06 am | Cognex Corp. | Product Releases | Comments

The Checker 101&#151the first member of the new Checker family of vision sensors&#151is a simple-to-use and inexpensive sensor that can visually detect the presence of items during the manufacturing process.

LISTED UNDER: Machine-Vision Systems

Industrial Instrumentation

December 16, 2004 9:37 am | Action Instruments | Product Releases | Comments

This leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial instrumentation for the process control and data acquisition industries published a 350 page Product Handbook, volume 17, 2005 edition.

LISTED UNDER: Electronic Controls


December 6, 2004 7:30 am | Krohne, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

The OPTIMASS Series 7000 is a single straight-tube Coriolis mass flowmeter. This uniquely constructed flow meter offers no-hassle installation and excellent performance in density and mass flow.


Data Logger (1571)

December 6, 2004 7:30 am | Lascar Electronics, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

Using the Windows compatible software supplied, the EL-USB-1 can be configured to measure temperatures from -25 to 80&#176C.

LISTED UNDER: Data Acquisition


December 6, 2004 7:30 am | Flextech Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

Designed for medical design applications, the SuperHeat Psychrometer features a large display that allows for the simultaneous display of three parameters: relative humidity with ambient air temperature, plus dew point or wet bulb or external temperature.

LISTED UNDER: Other Testing Instruments


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