The 12GN Series is a line of 12 mm geared DC micro motors. Ideal for robotics and compact applications, these high torque motors offer designers a space saving alternative to much larger brush motors. The 12GN motor measures only 12 mm x 10 mm x 29 mm from terminals to tip of shaft and weighs 8.7 gr. Starting torque is 300 mN·m. Rated load is 20 mN·m. Operation is quiet due to the close tolerance precision of the shaft rotation. In addition to robotics and mini appliances, other applications include medical and dispensing equipment, and mini printers. The gear motors are available with a choice of four gear ratios. Model NA1S has a gear ratio of 1/75.7, model NA2S is 1/134.5, model NA3S is 1/196.6, and model NA4S is 1/297.