Medical device manufacturers and design engineers can enhance product quality with comprehensive product information on CYRO Industries’ medical grade compounds and alloys. This resource features detailed charts and graphs illustrating the lipid and isopropyl alcohol resistance, heat aging, and sterilization of CYRO’s advanced acrylic polymers. This reference tool details CYRO’s complete line of CYROLITE acrylic-based multipolymer compounds, XT polymer acrylic-based multipolymer compounds, CYREX 200-8005 acrylic-polycarbonate alloys, and Vu-Stat static dissipative acrylic multipolymer compounds. CYROLITE and XT polymer compounds and CYREX alloys are ideal for spikes, lures, fittings, rigid medical packaging trays, valve assembles, filter housings, IV adapters, flow controls, as well as many other medical applications. Information: