Low Pressure Sensor Features Digital InterfaceServoflo Corporation offers the MS5701 low pressure sensor with an I2C or SPI digital interface. Available in either differential or gauge models, the MS5701 can measure as low as ±2.5 in. H2O up to ±10 in. H2O in a differential version. The gauge model comes in ranges from +2 in. H2O to +20 in. H2O .

Using the latest in MEMS technology, the MS5701 has a low supply voltage of 1.8 to 3.6 V with 1 mA power consumption. Furthermore, the MS5701 pressure sensor has a high resolution of 0.0004 in. of water (0.001 mbar) and a fast conversion of 0.54 milliseconds. A 24-bit pressure and temperature output allows for integration to any microcontroller. The I2C or SPI interface communicates up to 20 MHz.

With an operating temperature range of -20 to 85°C, the MS5701 offers excellent accuracies. For example, a model calibrated for 5 in. of water (differential) has an accuracy of ±0.04 in. at 25°C and ±0.1 in. over the entire operating temperature range. Low hysteresis and high stability of the pressure and temperature signal make the MS5701 reliable in demanding, high performing applications. Typical uses for the MS5701 include respirators, ventilators, CPAP and sleep apnea, and more.