Large Format Lenses Provide Twice the Light ThroughputEdmund Optics (EO), a provider of optical components, introduces its new TECHSPEC High Resolution Large Format Lenses. These high performance imaging lenses offer excellent resolution and are designed specifically for line scan and large area scan cameras. The lenses cover up to a 62 mm large format sensor to accommodate a wide variety of applications. EO will introduce these versatile large format lenses at Vision 2010 on November 9, 2010, in Stuttgart, Germany.

TECHSPEC High Resolution Large Format Lenses offer a maximum aperture of F4, which provides twice the amount of light throughput of comparable lenses at F5.6. These large format lenses are designed to reduce chromatic aberrations while yielding stunning sharpness and contrast, even at maximum aperture. They are offered in seven standard lens options at nominal magnification values of 0.33 to 3.0x, with superior performance extending over a range around these magnification values. The lens cell features a locking variable iris and front filter threading for ease of use. Several focusing and mounting options are available to accommodate most camera interfaces for many of the magnification options.