Automated Mandrel Straightener Reduces Material CostsMachine Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its Automated Mandrel Straightening Equipment. The MS700S recycles bent or bowed mandrels through an automated straightening process. Intended to reduce assembly material costs, the Mandrel Straightener allows for recycling and reuse of damaged mandrels traditionally thrown away.

“MSI is proud to announce the launch of our first manufacturing product specifically targeting the global environmental green initiative. This groundbreaking technology for automated mandrel straightening extends the useful life of catheter and tube processing mandrels,“ said Daniel Kasprzyk, chief executive officer, Machine Solutions Inc. “In this global era of health care cost containment and focus on device manufacturers’ ability to maintain exceptional profit margins for shareholders, this technology will find utilization in cleanrooms on every continent.”

The Mandrel Straightener utilizes a pick and place handling system capable of picking a single mandrel from a bin and automatically running it through the straightening process to be placed in the output tube upon completion. “Automating this process provides material costs savings with minimal labor expense,” said Brian Strini, product manager, Machine Solutions Inc. The MS700S has been configured for use with bare and coated stainless steel mandrels of various diameters and lengths with no need for tooling change.