Hermetically Sealed Connector ProductsPositronic has expanded its line of hermetic products, and now offers a broad spectrum ranging from a single connector to a full array of connectors mounted on a flange. The choice is yours: mixed density, specializing in high power (up to 100 amps per pin maximum rating); high voltage; RF; circular connectors; and both standard and high density D-subminiature connectors.

Of course, no hermetic connector is complete without a full complement of feed-throughs and adapters for both inside and outside the vacuum chamber. The non-outgassing features are ideal for optics under pressure.

The latest in Positronic’s offering is the industrial non-magnetic version, ideal for medical instrumentation requiring high reliability and low magnetic permeability ratings. The high performance D-subminiature version, designed for use in highly sensitive equipment such as magnetic field detection, provides low residual magnetism properties to reduce any potential interference at the connector level.

The keying of numerous connectors mounted on a single flange or vacuum wall is easily accomplished using different combinations of standard male and female jackscrew hardware.