Miniature Differential Pressure Transmitters Are Low-Cost AlternativeNew miniature DP transmitters from Orange Research are low-cost alternatives for many filtration, level, flow and heat exchanger applications. Traditional sensing approaches often have unnecessary features that inflate costs needlessly. The new 1002 and 1020 models have the accuracy and features best suited for the most popular OEM applications so customers avoid paying for features they don’t need.

The new mini transmitters are built on Orange Research’s proven design, using the same pressure bodies and sensors that make it the #1 OEM differential pressure indicator and switch. The same transmitter technology used in larger models has been incorporated into these miniature products to provide an attractive, low-cost alternative.

Both models offer transmitters with current or voltage output, rated at 4-20 mA or 0-5 V. The models have an accuracy of 10% (5% repeatability), optional 1” diameter durable plastic dial cases, and 1/8” NPT porting (many options available). Model 1002, with a piston sensor, has a DP range of 0-4 to 0-75 psid and a maximum line pressure rating of 3000 psig. Model 1020, with a diaphragm sensor, has a DP range of 0-25” water to 0-10 psid and a maximum line pressure rating of 1000 psig. If 2% accuracy is needed, standard size DP transmitter models are available.