Intelligent Electronics Protection TechnologyInnovolt, the leader in intelligent electronics protection, today announces that its technology is available for licensing to markets ranging from consumer electronics, medical technology, cable and satellite to HVAC and control systems. Since 2009, Innovolt has successfully provided proven electronics protection for hundreds of millions of dollars of installed systems, mainly in the commercial and industrial markets.

Today’s electronics are pervasive with the vast majority of equipment deployed with insufficient protection resulting in damage from disturbances on power grids that are remarkably chaotic and caustic. To date, electronics protection choices have been limited to either under-functioning surge protectors for aftermarket consumer use or unwieldy, over-priced technologies such as uninterruptable power supply (UPS). The Innovolt technology is accessible to and effective for all electronics, regardless of size or deployment.

“Our technology is filling a huge void and disrupting the marketplace with both functionality and cost. Big brands are clamoring over Innovolt – proof that, until now, electronics protection choices have been limited. We are taking the opportunity to build off our successes and expand into new markets,” states Jeff Spence, president and COO of Innovolt. “Electronics in industrial, commercial and residential environments have two things in common: all require power to operate and all are significantly impacted by damaging power disturbances. Our technology manages the impact of power disturbances and effectively increases the electronics’ lifespan, reliability and efficiency. We’re confident that by Q1 we’ll be in a billion dollars of installed systems.”

Cost-effective, highly scalable and integratable, Innovolt’s proprietary and patented electronics protection technology is proven to significantly increase product reliability and lifespan. Where deployed, companies have seen a marked decrease in service calls on protected equipment. Innovolt has provided its technology to the office equipment industry for the past three years. The company has recently expanded its markets and is now working with top Fortune 500 companies, including: Ricoh US, Ricoh Canada, Toshiba, Konica Minolta, and ECi OMD, to increase the reliability of their equipment and to optimize service to their end users. Innovolt’s technology solves a host of unique power problems that most businesses and consumers are not aware of but are paying for through shortened electronics lifespan and decreased product reliability. This patented electronics protection guards against damage from 99.5 percent of power interruptions, including infinite voltage and current variations.

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