Hardinge (Elmira, NY) a leading international provider of advanced metal-cutting solutions announces the release of two all-new Bridgeport 5-Face (4+1) Vertical Machining Centers – the GX 250 5F and GXR 320 5F. These new 4+1 axis vertical machining centers are high quality machine tools designed to achieve maximum capacity and performance in the job shop, OEM, aerospace, medical, electronic, defense, automotive and power generation industries, as well as many other manufacturing sectors.

Bridgeport 5-Face (4+1) Machining Centers feature an integrated 5-axis robust rotary table supported by large bearings to allow heavy horizontal and vertical cutting loads with smooth and accurate rotation at all times. Bridgeport incorporates heavy-duty linear guideways and oversized double-nut ballscrews that are pre-tensioned to provide superior accuracy and repeatability. The linear way modules consist of slide members (guide trucks) and linear rails to provide a large load rating, stable accuracy, high rigidity and low friction. The wide spacing between all axes rails provides optimum stiffness for the overall machine structure. Oversized 45mm (1.77”) ballscrews are featured in the GXR 320 5F, while 32mm (1.26”) ballscrews are incorporated in the GX 250 5F. All of these robust features are designed into a small cost-effective footprint.


For more information, visit: http://www.hardinge.com