Pawling Engineered Products has launched a new line of inflatable seal compounds that have earned U.S. Pharmacopoeia (USP) Class VI certification. The CVI Series is especially designed for inflatable seals used in a wide range of pharmaceutical and medical seal applications. The compounds are available in silicone and EPDM. USP Class VI certification, the most stringent protocol for classification of compounds used in medical and other healthcare applications, gives pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers an added level of confidence that ensures materials and processing integrity, favorable compatibility results and a more streamlined compliance process.  

The CVI Series combines use of the right materials for biocompatibility with the unique characteristics needed for inflatable seals, including temperature and/or chemical resistance. The compounds are readily available in the Type 1 PRS573 profile and all Type 10X designs, or can be customized to suit unique inflatable or compression sealing applications. These include inflatable sliding door seals for freeze dryers, hatch cover inflatable seals for COP (clean-out of-place) washers, inflatable seals used in variable lid chromatography columns, fluid bed dryer inflatable seals and inflatable sterilizer seals. The compounds are available in fully traceable material lots manufactured under our ISO9001-2008 certified quality system and offer good cycle life characteristics and good physical properties.

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