Iwaki America now offers new material options for their SMX series of magnetically driven non-metallic self-priming pump line. The fluoroplastic SMX-F incorporates their proven self-radiating bearing design and dry run rated non-contact system, these true self-primers incorporate integrally molded priming and air separation chambers for repeatable self-priming in a compact package. Flows to 90 GPM, heads to 80 FT, the SMX-F is constructed of CFR-ETFE with available bearing systems of carbon, PTFE and silicon carbide. With two impeller ranges available for each model an efficient, reliable selection is available for a range of corrosive self-priming applications. Uses standard NEMA C-face motors for versatility in installation options.

SMX-F designs utilize a robust internal design ensuring maximum reliability under adverse operating conditions. Non-contact bearing system provides for dry run operation without damage to the pump. Self-radiating bearing system effectively transfers frictional heat from the bearing area to prevent damage during upset operating conditions.

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