When it comes to tool holding, value is all about precision and reliability that will transmit to the finished part. Hardinge toolholder collets, bushings and tool holders are designed and engineered for quality and durability. Hardinge's standard of performance is high to help you achieve the level of accuracy required. Hardinge tool holders and toolholder collets are available in ER, DA (double angle), TG (tremendous grip), HDO, and HF styles. Hardinge also offers standard collets and tool holders in Cincinnati Monoset and 1C styles.

All standard ER-style toolholder collets are manufactured from special alloy steels. They are precision-machined to extremely close tolerances to assure superior concentricity. Hardinge offers a variety of tool holders for ER-style collets that are used to grip drills, taps, reamers, end mills, boring bars, and round shank end working tools.

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