IQD has launched a new custom crystal filter product platform at the European Microwave Week 2013. The IQXF-1000 series are a range of band-pass filters with center frequencies from 1.4 to 200MHz based around fundamental and third overtone mode crystals. These 2 to 12 pole crystal filters can operate over a temperature range of –55 to +85 degrees C with a bandwidth @3dB from ±2kHz and with the passband ripple as low as 0.5dB and insertion loss down to 2.5dB.

Proprietary simulation software is utilized to offer prospective customers rapid feedback on their crystal filter application requirements. What makes the design software a competitive advantage is the embedded algorithm that calculates the necessary relationship between critical resonator parameters within the matched set of crystals used in the filter design. To more reliably determine the filter behavior in production, the algorithm takes into account production equipment process limitations.

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