Bimba Manufacturing announced the release of a suite of stepper motor and drive products for use with its line of electric actuators. This suite of products includes the new Bimba IntelliMotor, a fully integrated stepper motor, along with new AC and DC stepper motors and drives, and the software to setup and program these motion control devices, Bimba IQ software suite.

The Bimba IntelliMotor is a powerful option that facilitates product commissioning by providing the stepper motor, encoder, drive, controller, I/O and communications in one integrated package. This integrated motor option minimizes the job of wiring, configuring and installing a motion axis in customers’ machines. Included as an option in the IntelliMotor series are robust M12 connections for power, I/O and communication designed to thrive in demanding environments. Along with RS232 and RS485 communication options, the IntelliMotor provides Ethernet/IP communication, which makes it easy to connect to thousands of automation controllers.

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