Custom manufactured low order sapphire waveplates that provide superior wear- and chemical-resistance while changing the polarization state of lasers are available from Meller Optics. Meller Sapphire Waveplates feature Moh 9 hardness, which is second only to diamond, allowing fabrication in sizes from 10 to 30 mm in either “A” or “M” plane configurations and are A/R coated on both sides.  Highly resistant to chemicals, scratching, shock, and temperature fluctuations, these robust waveplates can be custom made as thin as 0.4 mm and < 25 mm dia.

Ideal for changing the polarization state in high power IR and visible lasers from linear to circular and vise versa, Meller Sapphire Waveplates exhibit 10-5 scratch-dig surface quality, < 1.0 arc/sec. parallelism, and they provide λ/4 and λ/2 retardation with tolerances of > λ/300 @632 µm, > λ/400 @1.06 µm, and > λ/1000 @2.94 µm.

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