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Clinch Fasteners

Fri, 02/06/2004 - 8:46am


Patented PEM® R'ANGLE® self-clinching fasteners can be utilized to create strong right-angle attachment points in thin steel or aluminum assemblies. These unique fasteners have been developed as cost-effective and practical alternatives to bent tabs at edges of sheets; bent tabs in the middle of sheets; bent flanges; right-angle brackets; or tack welds. The PEM R'ANGLE product line includes both self-tapping and steel threaded types, which install permanently in metal sheets as thin as 0.04 in./1.0 mm. Self-tapping Type RAA™ aluminum clinch fasteners are designed for use in aluminum sheets, requiring only a thread-forming screw in sizes #4-40, #6-32, or #8-32, or M3 or M4 to complete final assembly.

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