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Mini DC Feedthrus

Fri, 09/03/2004 - 5:50am


For many high frequency designers building custom assemblies, maintaining tight pitch (<0.1 in.) between feedthrus is critical to layout and performance issues. The drawback of this tight pitch is that it sometimes results in excessive stress on the glass seal because of thermal expansion. With sufficient unrestrained expansion, the glass seal may crack within the body of the feedthru requiring removal and rework. A single feedthru failure in a tight pitch row often requires the removal of adjacent feedthrus in the row. Thunderline-Z has solved this problem with the development of a miniature hermetic glass feedthru with a body height that is just 0.035 in. This is a size reduction of approximately 13% from an average feedthru body used in these applications. This compact body allows the glass seal to be recessed into the housing while maintaining the same wall thickness and hole configuration, thereby eliminating the excessive thermal stress on the glass seal.

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