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Solid 3D Connector Models

January 6, 2006 11:04 am | Comments

Solid 3D models, available from Omnetics Connector Corp., have been created as STEP Files (.stp) to be inserted\imported into a variety of different CAD programs (e.g. ProE, Solidworks, Inventor).

Forecast Series PresentsMarket Trends Buzz

January 6, 2006 9:23 am | Comments

On the cover: This completely in-the-ear hearing aid is a product of miniaturization, one hot sector for medical device manufacturers in 2006.


Miniature Liquid Pump

November 2, 2005 7:09 am | KNF Neuberger, Inc. | Comments

At 1.6 inches long, the NF5 allows for locating it closer to the pumping function. Featuring a flow rate of 50 ml/min, it develops a suction height of 13 ft water with a discharge pressure of 15 psig.


Solenoid Valve (2477)

November 2, 2005 7:09 am | Humphrey Products Company | Comments

The HKL5 valve is designed to offer zero leakage in liquid and gas applications. This direct acting solenoid valve is 12.6 mm wide, with a high 0.05 C v flow rate, low 1.8 watt power consumption, a pressure rating from vacuum to 30 psig, and a working temperature range from 32&#176F to 175&#176F.

Piston Pump

November 2, 2005 7:09 am | Micropump, Inc. | Comments

The Series PF valveless piston pump is specifically designed to ensure accuracy and reproducibility. The valveless design virtually eliminates clogging and allows for highly consistent metering and dosing of even soft-solid containing fluids.

Modified Collagen Offers New Treatment Opportunities

November 2, 2005 6:56 am | Comments

Commonly associated with beauty products and lip enhancement, collagen is now being studied for potential health benefits.


Processor Provides Solution for Automatic External Defibrillator

November 2, 2005 6:56 am | Comments

CMOS Drake, a medical equipment manufacturer in Brazil, required a processor for its automatic external defibrillator (AED) that provided high performance for ECG analysis while still enabling a lower cost and faster time to market.

Researcher Creates Device to Examine Engineered Tissue

November 2, 2005 6:56 am | Comments

Tremendous strides have been made in tissue engineering and, more specifically, in the development of skin grafts, heart valves, and blood vessels. However, these items are expensive to develop and take time to create.


Emphasis on Innovation: Precision Particle ReductionEnables New Drug Delivery Methods

November 2, 2005 6:50 am | Microfluidics | Comments

With the ability to reduce drugs to sub-micron particles of uniform size, exciting drug therapies and delivery methods are emerging. In fact, precision particle reduction processes are becoming as essential to 21st century medicine as the mortar and pestle were for the 19th century pharmacy.


Patient Simulator

November 2, 2005 6:41 am | Bc Group International Inc. | Comments

The Biomedical PS-2000 multi-parameter patient simulator series offers an easy-to-use hand-held simulator that is intuitive as there are no codes to enter. It has simple scroll control of options.


Beam Delivery System

November 2, 2005 6:41 am | Comments

The Microtech MBD2 beam delivery system is designed for UV excimer lasers. It is an industrial-grade, large format system that is for 24/7 production in an industrial environment. It accommodates large-format beam delivery system modules.

Meter/Mix/Dispense System

November 2, 2005 6:41 am | Dtic Dispensing Technologies | Comments

The EZ-mix VR variable ratio meter, mix, and dispense system is a piston-based software-driven positive displacement system that provides accurate mixing without changing gears or other time-consuming mechanical adjustments.

Universal Positioning System

November 2, 2005 6:41 am | Stafford Manufacturing Corp. | Comments

The Universal Post and Clamp Assembly is a positioning system that consists of a base that attaches securely to any flat surface and a series of stepped and straight-through couplings that accept ½, 3/4, and 1 in. shafts.

Microscope Light Source

November 2, 2005 6:41 am | Fci | Comments

A 1,000-hour EKE bulb is available for the fiberoptic FL3000 series 150 W halogen light boxes and light guides.

AC Dynamometer

November 2, 2005 6:41 am | Fci | Comments

The DynoLAB LT low-cost complete turn-key system for electric motor testing offers the test control and data acquisition capabilities required for basic electric motor testing.


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