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Stainless Steel Handles

Thu, 02/09/2006 - 8:45am


For maintaining sterility in the servicing of process equipment in a sterile environment, stainless steel hand tools are the most efficient and cost effective solution available. Stainless steel requires no plating, which can generate dangerous particulate, to maintain its corrosion resistance. In the event the surface is scratched or damaged, stainless steel forms a pure chromium oxide (a passive, non reactive) layer, protecting it against further corrosion without exposing ferrous surfaces that can contaminate a cleanroom environment. All-stainless steel handles on all-stainless steel screwdriver, hex driver, and nut driver shafts offer an alternative to currently available nylon handles. Manufactured from solid stainless, the tools are virtually immune from deterioration, therefore acting as one more barrier between contamination and your sterile equipment.


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