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Plastics Contribute to Success of Anesthesia System

Tue, 08/08/2006 - 12:50pm
The state-of-the-art Aisys Carestation anesthesia delivery system from GE Healthcare is a demonstration of sophisticated technology in a versatile device. It is the first GE anesthesia solution to integrate electronic gas and agent control as well as delivery with advanced ventilation, vital signs monitoring, and an advanced breathing system. However, its success in the healthcare marketplace also rides on such practical factors as cost-effectiveness and durability. To achieve these goals, GE Healthcare sought a materials supplier that could efficiently meet diverse application requirements ranging from chemical resistance for work surfaces, light weight for drawer doors, and transparency for the gas scavenger system. GE Plastics was able to supply multiple materials from its diverse product portfolio to meet these needs while providing value-added services such as material selection and application development support.

“Patient safety and accuracy are paramount with anesthesia delivery, but hospitals also have to consider cost, maintenance, and durability when they invest in a delivery system,” said Pedro Torres, strategic sourcing leader, GE Healthcare. “By working with one resin supplier on multiple components of this system, we aimed to achieve savings in cycle time and cost. The key was finding a vendor to meet the wide range of performance needs, and GE Plastics, with its extensive product portfolio, facilitated the identification and selection of materials for different component requirements. But GE Plastics wasn’t an automatic shoe-in just because they are a GE business. They had to prove themselves just like any other supplier.”

Three different high-performance GE resins are used in the Aisys device. GE’s foamable Noryl resin enables the creation of lightweight vertical panels and drawer doors that aid in the maneuverability of the care station in the operating room and throughout the facility. Transparent Ultem resin forms the reservoir of the gas scavenger system. Finally, durable Valox resin provides exceptional chemical resistance for horizontal surfaces—the top shelf and work area—that are exposed to a variety of cleaners, and the cassette bay that comes in contact with anesthesia agents. Information: .

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