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“Off-Road” Rehab Wheelchairs Now a Stable Ride

Mon, 10/09/2006 - 12:31pm
Technology might finally be keeping pace with rehab patients whose spirits and energy require a sturdier wheelchair to explore the world and enjoy the outdoors, beyond the confines of a smooth hospital hallway. Thanks to Lovejoy-Rosta rubber suspension elements DR 27 x 60, combined with other engineering marvels, a “Turbo-Twist” wheelchair maintains its equilibrium over rough surfaces such as pavement edges, unpaved road, or roots and embedded stones in forest preserve pathways.

The Swiss company Degonda-Rehab SA recently launched the wheelchair for unpaved roads, to safely transport its rider over and through rough surfaces, while compensating for uneven grades and gently absorbing all impacts thanks to its variety of elastic suspensions. A total of six Rosta rubber suspension elements help to maintain the equilibrium of the “Turbo-Twist”, and its rider over all irregular surfaces.An important factor in the compensation of unevenness and pavement edges is the H-flex suspension with two pairs of rollers, which has been patented by Degonda. The protruding, smaller pair of rollers “climbs” over the obstacle, and the following pair of supporting rollers swivels out via the Rosta spring suspension and harmoniously matches the running surfaces to the new level of the path.

“There are countless examples of Rosta suspension units in operation at industrial sites around the globe,” says Krister Meister, Marketing Manager, “yet we feel a deep sense of satisfaction when we hear about applications like this that truly provide a gift to humanity and opens up new freedoms for those who are restricted to wheelchairs.”Information:



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