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Resin Selected for Laryngoscope

Mon, 01/15/2007 - 10:51am
Lexan HPX resin—a tough, high-tech transparent polycarbonate widely used in critical healthcare applications—has been selected by Pentax to mold a specialized Intlock ITL-S disposable blade for the company’s Airway Scope AWS-S100 video laryngoscope. Pentax selected the material due to its high-performance properties, including mechanical strength and toughness, smoothness, and transparency.

The Airway Scope AWS-S100 is a rigid video laryngoscope for intubation coupled with a video monitor to enhance the ease of use while providing accurate verification during tracheal intubation procedures. Pentax selected the Lexan HPX resin for its excellent impact resistance, which is important to avoid cracking of the material while the blade is inside the oral cavity. The material’s smooth surface finish facilitates the insertion of the intubation tube into the trachea, helping to alleviate forces traditionally applied during insertion that can damage the patient’s teeth. Further, the resin’s transparency was critical for optimal imaging performance.

“We are very pleased with the results, especially in the other ways that GE Plastics demonstrated its value as a materials supplier,” said Yukio Taniguchi, Pentax group leader. “Usually a material supplier just provides the material, but in addition to supplying material, GE Plastics added significant value by supporting our efforts to achieve regulatory compliance. We expect similar support from GE as we submit the device for FDA approval in the United States. In addition, GE’s well-known Lexan resin brand is a major advantage in marketing the scope.”Information:

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