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Processor Enhances Diagnostic Tool’s Features

Mon, 05/14/2007 - 7:06am

Lechnologies Research Inc. is using Analog Devices Inc.’s Blackfin Processor in its innovative new AfibAlert atrial fibrillation monitor. The AfibAlert is designed for daily use in the home to record and analyze heart rhythm data, and indicates via a red or green light if the patient should transmit his or her data to a physician for further analysis. Lechnologies selected ADI's Blackfin processor because of its hybrid design, low power requirements, and expandability.

The AfibAlert uses a Blackfin BF533, which operates the AfibAlert's LCD controller, LED outputs, audio generation, flash storage, and high-quality ADC. The Blackfin also receives data from the microcontroller peripherals and applies digital filtering and mathematical and statistical analysis to provide feedback to the patient.

"Building the AfibAlert on a Blackfin processor made it possible for Lechnologies to offer heart patients a sophisticated diagnostic tool that is also small, lightweight, and easy to use," said Tim Lohman, Lechnologies president and CEO. "The Blackfin's ability to operate at extremely low power levels also means patients can depend on their AfibAlert for up to six months between battery changes. And the Blackfin's expandability will allow us to easily update the software algorithm the AfibAlert uses to analyze the patient's heart data."



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