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Customizable Sheet Products Offer Benefits to Manufacturers

Thu, 10/11/2007 - 10:57am

Royalite sheet products for medical applications, produced by Spartech Corp., are available in four standard blends and custom formulations, offer lightweight, high heat distortion, and antimicrobial characteristics. Most notably, Royalite’s cap technology provides excellent color control, a desired gloss level, special effects, and medical-related additives. This unique process provides the full benefit of the desired requirements without the cost of incorporating them into the substrate.

Brentwood Industries uses Royalite R59 sheet with cap technology to pressure-form the exterior covering of a high-tech imaging device used for dental and ear/nose/throat applications. “Our excellent experience with Royalite over a number of years prompted us to recommend the R59 sheet to meet our customer’s needs for attractive aesthetics and easy cleaning, as well as compliance with UL94 V0 flame retardance standards,” said David Fry, Brentwood’s sales manager. “The material is prepared by Spartech with a cap incorporating a custom color and a low-gloss finish, which avoids the need for secondary painting. From a processing standpoint, the R59 sheet is easy to form, picks up precise detail, and machines beautifully. We like working with it, and our customer was delighted with the results.”

Spartech’s unique cap process enables specific properties such as colorants, gloss, textures, and special effects to be added to the extruded sheet. Further, because the calendared cap layer is applied after the sheet is extruded, these enhancements are not subjected to potential distortion from the high heat of the extruder. This process ensures lot-to-lot consistency and retention of properties after thermoforming. In addition to capping, Royalite sheet can be enhanced with decorative films.



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