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Conveyor Enables Cooling and Draining

Fri, 04/04/2008 - 11:51am


Designed for light- to medium-duty applications, the 2200 Series now comes with a new feature to better accommodate cooling and draining applications—a perforated bedplate. The series with perforated bedplate option is ideal for applications where the product needs to be cooled. Pre-manufactured holes in the bedplate allow air to naturally flow through the frame and bedplate of the conveyor, cooling passing product. The conveyor can also be hooked up to a vacuum to supply additional air through the bedplate. Another useful feature of the perforated bedplate is that with applications calling for either liquid to be sprayed on passing items or items that are damp from a previous process, the pre-manufactured holes allow moisture to properly drip through the modular plastic belt and bedplate without the worry of collecting inside the frame.

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