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Tag Marker Marks Silk-Screened Stainless Steel Tags

Thu, 05/08/2008 - 8:43am


Better and more versatile UID/text tag marking is producible with a new special programmable tag marking machine that is designed to place text in five different fields and place a UID/2D matrix code on special silk-screened stainless steel tags. The marking machine has the capability to dot peen or silent scribe mark individual characters at a rate of 10 per second at office-like noise levels. Required cycle time for the stainless steel tags is approximately 30 seconds per tag. Information to be marked will include model number, customer number, serial number, a ratio, date, and a Square Dot UID/2D matrix code of the aforementioned information. A Cognex vision system is provided to read and verify the matrix code.


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