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Silicon Arrays Protect Against Electrostatic Discharge

Tue, 06/10/2008 - 1:03pm


Silicon protection arrays provide both unidirectional overvoltage protection (SP1001-xx) for multiple channels as well as bidirectional signal protection (SP1002-01) for one channel. Their low input capacitance aids in EST protection, and their small size (0.09 inches sq. or less) allows them to be mounted close to the input port pins. Furthermore, their low input capacitance makes them suitable for signal line and interface protection from audio up to MHz frequencies. They are rated for operating voltages up to 6 V, and have leakage currents of less than 0.5 µA. Typical clamping voltages at the maximum 2 A pulse current rating (8 × 20 µs waveform) are 9.6 V for the SP1001-xx series, and 11.2V for the SP1002-01.

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