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Castable Urethane Compounds for Making Precision Molds and Holding Fixtures

Tue, 08/12/2008 - 8:15am


Flexane castable liquid urethane compounds cure to form both flexible and rigid rubber parts for a variety of OEM applications. These room temperature curing, nonshrinking urethanes will not change shape while curing and can be used to make precision molds that faithfully reproduce fine detail. The liquid is a two component, medium viscosity (10,000 cps) urethane compound that cures to a semi-rigid (Hardness Shore A 87) rubber material that will return to its original shape after 650% elongation. With a demolding time of five hours, the liquid is designed for applications requiring quick cure times, such as emergency replacement parts or repairs. Liquids are available in 1 lb. and 10 lb. containers.


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