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Single Axis Linear Amplifier Designed for Sub-Nanometer Positioning

Wed, 01/14/2009 - 9:25am


Designated LDM3U, this advanced driver can be used with AC Servo, AC Induction, DC brush motors, and step motors in both high resolution micro-stepping open loop and true closed-loop modes. The LDM3U is ideally suited for applications requiring sub-nanometer positioning and tight velocity control with minimal jitter as well as applications that require ultra-low noise emission and the elimination of emitted EMI. The LDM3U is the first standard production linear amplifier to offer two available methods for current control: digital or analog. As standard, the LDM3U features a digital current control loop with field oriented control. Having a digital current loop allows the flexibility of a PWM amplifier with the benefits of a linear amplifier.


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