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Micronit Lab-on-Chip Products available now from Cole-Parmer

Wed, 07/01/2009 - 12:36pm


Microfluidic chips designed to save you time and money

The new Micronit Lab-on-Chip products for creating microfluidic experiments are available in fluidic cross channel, microreactor, and micromixer chips. This advanced technology fulfills a multitude of research objectives. Micronit Lab-on-Chip products offer many advantages to help you save both money and time. The use of smaller amounts of reagents provides a cost-effective solution when performing microfluidic experiments. With the extreme scale-down of research protocols, results can be obtained in just a few seconds rather than in hours or days. Lab-on-Chip products include many standard chip configurations and convenient starter packs. Custom-design chips are also available.

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