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New Gas Plasma System for Treatment of Powders

Fri, 07/17/2009 - 5:43am


The AL200-D Gas Plasma System is designed for treatment of powder, pellet and crystalline materials. A specially designed 5 liter rotating chamber ensures treatment consistency, even when processing very fine powders and compounds. Production systems with larger chambers are also available to accommodate higher volume requirements. The AL200-D is clean room compatible and available in a table-top version or with free-standing enclosure to permit vacuum pump incorporation within the system cabinetry. PLC control, recipe storage, error monitoring, and mass flow controllers for precise gas measurement, ensure absolute process repeatability. The plasma generation, via microwave frequency, results in very low chamber temperatures, so no cumbersome, leak-prone liquid electrode cooling is required. An environmentally green technology, gas plasma is a dry process utilizing various bottled gases to modify, activate or hyper-clean surfaces. Typical applications in the medical device, pharmaceutical, IVD and medical research industries include attaching chemical functional groups to biomaterials, increasing wettability of plastics prior to bonding or coating, cleaning ceramic, metal, or glass components to remove residual organic contamination from wet or high temperature processes, and cell culture component surface tailoring.

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