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UV Curable Nanosilica-Filled Epoxy Offers Abrasion and Chemical Resistance

Fri, 08/28/2009 - 12:02pm

The UV22 is a nanosilica-reinforced, UV curable epoxy system that offers a combination of properties not available in conventional epoxy systems. The nano-sized filler (‹50 nm) gives the cured system excellent abrasion resistance, optical clarity, and physical strength properties, as well as low shrinkage, while still allowing the product to have a low viscosity of 4,000 cps. The tensile strength of the cured epoxy is greater than 4,600 psi and its tensile modulus is greater than 500,000 psi. This represents an amazing 50% to 90% improvement in performance over similar unreinforced systems. It cures rapidly upon exposure to UV light at room temperatures and requires no mixing.


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