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Medical Telemetry Product Offering Is Expanded

Fri, 10/30/2009 - 7:05am

Statek Corp., a leader in the field of high reliability quartz crystals and oscillators for the medical market, has extended its product offering for the medical telemetry market. Foremost among the products offered specifically for this market is the CX11 crystal, which is the smallest crystal available in the industry, featuring a 3.20 x 1.50 mm package size, and a height of 0.90 mm. This crystal is available in a frequency range of 20 to 250 MHz, and in tight frequency stabilities at room temperature as well as tight frequency stabilities over the operation temperature range. Because it is targeted for medical telemetry applications, it also features low-power, low-aging, and high shock and vibration survivability. In addition to the currently-recognized medical telemetry frequencies of 24.0, 26.0, and 26.5 MHz, Statek is open to supporting any other AT-cut CX11 crystal frequencies for medical telemetry applications as per customer requirements. Statek also supports a low-frequency version of the CX11 crystal, featuring the 32.768 kHz frequency as well as the 100 to 180 kHz frequency range. Both the high-frequency and low-frequency CX11 crystals are available in a RoHS-compliant and lead-free version.

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