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Norman Noble Launches Next Generation Noble UltraLight Lasermachining Technology

Thu, 10/15/2009 - 6:37am


Medical device contract manufacturer Norman Noble Inc. (Booth 1113) has launched Noble UltraLight, an athermal laser machining process developed to create highly precise features in any material, such as bioabsorbable polymers, shape memory metals, and other exotic alloys without producing any heat affected zone (HAZ). The new process supports Norman Noble’s customers’ technically advancing manufacturing requirements in the medical and aerospace industries.

Noble UltraLight is an ultrashort pulse (USP) laser that, because it does not generate any heat affected zone, reduces, and in some cases, eliminates costly deburring and post-processing steps and increases product quality and yield. The ultrafast laser process enables the machining of features in materials used to manufacture vascular stents with minimal variability and without the introduction of heat inherent in traditional thermal laser manufacturing. Noble UltraLight represents a dramatic advancement in the manufacturing of stents as well as other medical device applications including drug delivery systems, catheter devices, valves, and needles.

“We are very excited about integrating the new UltraLight Laser into our operation and applying the unique advantages that this technology offers to meet our medical and aerospace customers’ production specifications,” said Dan Stefano, vice president of manufacturing for Norman Noble, Inc. “Its unique nitinol and polymer cutting abilities enable us to supply our customers with the most technologically advanced processes offered in the industry.”

“UltraLight is another giant leap forward for manufacturing technology within the United States. A laser system capable of cutting the tightest, most intricate geometry through virtually any material without generating any thermal damage to the material was once unimaginable to most design engineers,” said Chris Noble, vice president of Norman Noble Inc. “Engineers had to design their products around removal of this thermal damage or use less than optimal materials. Today, Norman Noble has brought this athermal concept out of the laboratory and into the hands of our experienced staff of laser technicians. We look forward to demonstrating our new Noble Ultralight laser cutting system’s capabilities to our customers’ and shortening their time to market for implantable devices. Most importantly, we’re excited by the benefits their patients will realize worldwide.”


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