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Thermal Spot Curing System Reduces Epoxy Curing Time by up to 10x

Thu, 10/22/2009 - 5:43am


IRphotonics (Booth 1537), a world leader in the design and manufacture of Infrared-based materials and systems, has announced results of independent product evaluations by leading medical device manufacturers for its iCure™ Infrared spot curing system.

One product evaluation performed by a medical device manufacturer, using electrically conductive adhesive H20E from Epoxy Technology Inc., was conducted in order to reduce the curing time of their medical device assembly. The adhesive manufacturer’s recommended cure schedule of 120°C for 15 minutes in a thermal oven was dramatically reduced to a 1 minute cure using the iCure AS200 thermal spot curing system.

Another product evaluation was subsequently conducted with a high temperature adhesive 353ND, also from Epoxy Technology, for sealing electromechanical sub components of a disposable medical device. The adhesive manufacturer’s recommended cure schedule of 120°C for 10 minutes using a thermal oven was reduced to 20 seconds with the iCure AS200 thermal spot curing system.

Ruben Burga, VP Sales for IRphotonics, commented, "These results are truly ground breaking. We are extremely pleased and so are the clients. The product evaluations confirm the iCure AS200 system is a powerful alternative to thermal ovens; providing the control and flexibility to apply the appropriate heat for just the right amount of time to thermally cure adhesives. The system is ideally suited for complex devices where localized curing must be achieved without heating adjacent components."

The iCure AS200 is an inline fiber optic system that provides heat by infrared radiation in a portable unit, delivering pinpoint and accurate control for temperature sensitive substrates and complex devices. Using infrared light to generate heat, the iCure thermal spot curing system is tailor-made for automated manufacturing processes requiring rapid adhesive curing and localized heating of bonded assemblies.


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